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The Schmidt's Journey/Adventure
Rachel and Toby Schmidt both trace their journey through Seminary with a delightful and joyful take on life.  Enjoy their wonderful insight into all that God makes possible.

801SeminaryPlace   by Rachel Schmidt

Catching the details of your life experiences and sharing them with others can be both encouraging and therapeutic.

My husband is about to undertake a career change which involves a job loss, 4 years of seminary, over 120 credit hours of study, 4 moves in 4 years, and saying goodbye to our ministry, our friends, and everything we know.  I have decided to call this “an adventure”.  And I am going to bring you all along for the ride.

Cup Overflowing   by Toby Schmidt
Our cup(s) is(are) overflowing. We’ve been engulfed in life—in parenting, soaking in precious hours with our kids, in each other, and our friends; and engulfed in ministry—in teaching and taking classes, in meeting new and different people all the time, and in seeing where God is moving in, around, and through us.

Maybe it’s because we have four beautiful, entertaining, and very energetic children, but we’re full.  We’re full of life, joy, and what we believe is God’s purpose for us in the time being.

The Mustard Patch  by Janet Beagle
When I conceived The Mustard Patch I wasn’t thinking about physical seeds; I was thinking about spiritual seeds. I was thinking about those observations, personal encounters, struggles and doubts, moments of big (or little) faith that God had been sharing with me. Those seeds that God used, sometimes without my realizing it and sometimes in direct opposition to my stubbornness, to help me grow.  And the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to share those seeds with you.

The Mustard Patch is the result.  It’s a collection of Christian reflections that are sometimes eclectic, sometimes fun, sometimes serious, sometimes challenging. I hand these seeds to you, and to God.  Let’s grow together.

Ryan Stories  by Phil Steele
These are the stories of a remarkable young man who has inspired hundreds of people through his unremitting believe in his own abilities.  Ryan Steele was born with an extra chromosome in June 1988.  Since his birth he has shown that being different means being special and that an extra Y chromosome in the right place can bring God’s glory to others in so many ways.

As Ryan’s father I have written and compiled these stories over the years as I have tried to capture the impact Ryan has made on all those he encounters.  I will add more as time permits with the hope that you, too, will enjoy reading about this wonderful young man.

If any one story makes you smile or causes you to wipe away a tear, feel free to forward the link to this blog to others or leave a comment.  I’ll be sure to pass your thoughts along to Ryan.

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